About me

My first contact with stone designing was 16 years ago. At first I learnt all the methods and techniques used in stone dressing. The knowledge which I then acquired became particularly valuable to me and serves as a foundation of my activity to this date.

Through my participation in various works connected with the installation of stone elements and continuous supervision of creative projects I gained the experience which is indispensable in natural stone designing. Years of hard and strenuous work plus countless advice from my uncle spurred me further into the stonework industry and helped me decide to launch my own business in the field.

It was Adam Niessner, founder of Budonis Sp. z o.o. and my uncle, who showed me the world of stone. He left ineffaceable memories, for which I will be grateful to him to the end of my life, and instilled in me the love for natural stone.

This very passion and love for stone designing made me search for newer solutions and applications for natural materials. Years of attempts and work on new practices in the treatment of materials such as glass, stone or wood, brought me to create a unique furniture collection, made with exceptional customers in mind.

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